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Hi, I am new here. I tend to rant and bitch quite a lot so I should feel at home here. I have already posted this in my journal, but feel the need to share it wih a ider community. So here goes.....
At the weekend I went home to stay with my parents in Corby - a place I try to avoid as much as possible due to my difficult childhood there - I was not liked very much, infact I was hated, it was unusual if I came home from school without being verbally and physically abused by my class mates. On one occasion a boy (Ryan) intentionally kicked me in the face, on another two girs (Donna and Lynda) sat behind me in class sticking the point of a compass in my arm. I then got in trouble for walking out of class in tears and when the head of year spoke to me she said the girls couldn't possibly have done it, I must have done it myself! I came away from that school with just one friend!
Anyway, while in Poundstretchers I saw one of the main bullies, a popular girl who knew feasted on my unpopularity (her name escapes me). Well, seven years later and she was looking very overweighht, very tired, she had bad skin and greasy hair and didn't look very happy at all. And there was I, the kid who no one liked, tall, slim, new River Island jacket, freshly cut and perfectly styled hair. Even if I do say so myself I looked good - and she didn't.
Don't get me wrong, I am not being a bitch, I just think after give years of suffering at school, which led to me changing schools right in the middle of my GCSEs, I am allowed to rant and take great pleasure in the unhappiness of my tourmentors as they did me from the age of 10 to 15!
Sorry, rant over!!!!!
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