A1C Smugasfuck (metalgarurumon) wrote in rantnbitch,
A1C Smugasfuck

Me and my cuddly alienation complex

You know what?!? I fucking hate being ditched. It only happens when the person doesn't explain themselves. Honestly, if one were to fucking call and be like, "Maren, you're a stupid bitch and I'm blowing you off.", I could give a fuck. But... when I don't get a fucking phone call, an excuse, or a fuck you, I go fucking insane.

It's been this big issue for a while. Honestly, if you call me up for someone else's number to hang out with them (implied: instead of me), I would think you're a fucking moron, but I wouldn't be angry at you or with you.

So: conclusion.
If you blow me off, I'll fucking rip off your head. Then I'll fucking rip off mine.
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