A1C Smugasfuck (metalgarurumon) wrote in rantnbitch,
A1C Smugasfuck

X-posted from my blog/General rant

You know what?

Don't bother telling me that you're going to live all alone in solitude, if your reasoning deals with how much people suck.

Just fucking do it.

If you hated people that much, you would have already. So don't fucking waste your time or mine telling me about it.

Fucking Christ.


These are the same fucking people that bitch constantly about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. As if having someone to cuddle with completes your life. You want someone to care about you that way? Your best friend more than likely would care if you lived or died far more than someone who has gentitalia you don't.

So shut the fuck up.

And the next time someone tells me that I can shoot them when I ask if I can help, I'm buying a fucking gun.
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